How has Brexit affected M&A activity?

Brexit – M&A

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has led to many companies rethinking their mergers and acquisitions strategy. Some of the questions that organisations may be considering, given the recent Brexit vote, include:

  • Does it make sense to use M&A as a means of securing an operational presence in the EU to preserve access to European markets and/or secure talent in the future?
  • Could M&A be used to accelerate access to markets outside the EU for companies looking to diversify their customer base?
  • Do recent currency movements make UK acquisitions more attractive to overseas parties? Or conversely, is divesting UK-based operations now a sensible strategy?
  • Do share price movements post-referendum present an opportunity to acquire a company whose share price has come under pressure? And should those companies be preparing to defend a bid?

We’re working with clients to help them through these challenges, by:

  • reviewing options on how to serve current and future customers around the globe, particularly within the EU, and advising on their M&A strategy;
  • identifying potential acquisition targets that would help meet their strategic needs;
  • evaluating those targets in terms of valuation (including the assessment of synergies) and due diligence;
  • advising on executing M&A transactions; and
  • assisting publicly listed companies to help them understand and communicate their value to the market.

We are specialist corporate solicitors helping with buying and selling businesses, M&A, private equity, joint ventures, shareholders agreements with a focus on how Brexit might impact your transactions. Feel free to email for more information or to arrange a meeting.

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